What is Market Sizing

what is market sizing

Market Sizing Market sizing refers to the process of estimating a market’s potential. Understanding a market’s potential goes a long way in identifying the potential of a market for a business when unveiling a new product or service. Market sizing is a holistic process that should answer the following questions:…
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Misconceptions About Outsourced Bookkeeping

misconception about Outsourced bookkeeping

Small and Medium-sized business owners are becoming increasingly wary of the costs of internal bookkeeping. Therefore, some of these businesses have decided to outsource bookkeeping services among other accounting-related services. However, a sizable number of business owners are still not willing to outsource. It is mainly due to lack of…
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Cost Benefits of Virtual Bookkeeping

Management Consultant Firm JA Simon

Benefits of Virtual Bookkeeping The rise of the virtual community has greatly enhanced the way we do business. This is especially true for business owners when it comes to bookkeeping. It has become increasingly practical to outsource these services. The time saved by outsourcing can be better spent focused on…
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