Training and Organizational Designing & Redesigning

Renoir’s Methodology helps identify the core desires of the corporation and how they are presently being met with the aid of the current structure. We then pick out what criteria, current and future, want to be met in any choice structure.

Next we examine your current shape at all levels. We observe spans of control, numbers of tiers, and activity lists and bring together certain competencies matrices and RACIs for all key processes. We seem to be into the modern key overall performance indicators, structures and procedures and conferences that assist the shape and perceive if they are in shape for purpose. As with each and every Renoir project, this is achieved in conjunction with our clients’ people- for understanding, buy-in and ownership of the opportunities.

Based on the current and future needs of the business enterprise we develop, together with our clients, choice structures, and become aware of the strengths, weaknesses and risks worried for each.

Once the top of the line shape has been agreed, the element of the new structure and the frameworks that will assist it are developed. Together, with our clients, we revise RACIs, job descriptions, meetings, KPIs and management systems to help the new structure. Only then is the business enterprise equipped for the distinctive implementation of the new structure, taking into account the people, logistical and systems-related challenges that will need to be overcome.

We lately labored with a client, reorganising his 2000 character organisation. As section of the chance mitigation a assist desk used to be set up to aid people at some stage in the roll out. It received simply three calls- 2 of which were for any other project! A proper testomony to the power of getting it right, first time!