Productivity is a good deal extra than simply getting the most out of people. It is the wonderful and environment friendly use of all sources held within an organisation. Renoir’s operational enchancment tasks focal point on improving the environment friendly and wonderful use of resources, main to greater stages of productivity and decreased costs. For example:

Time, people and equipment

Reducing the time it takes to entire a challenge (eg: putting off non- fee adding tasks, or ensuring equipment / parts are available); making sure that equipment runs at most effective capability (eg: thru nice preventative renovation or removing the root causes of downtime or slow running); having superb planning mechanisms in place.

Knowledge and information

Enshrining organisation quality practice across an enterprise so that excellent practices emerge as a way of life, throughout the entire organisation, each and every time, each and every place.


Ensuring that the right parameter controls and effective walking of key equipment.


Standard running procedures, systems, processes, quality, removing of waste and rework, procurement strategies, etc.

Addressing all or even some of the above must get some results, for short periods of time, but except all key stakeholders are involved and have possession of the changes made, the results will be small and short-lived. Renoir’s procedure ensures massive results and enduring sustainability.