Effective protection plays a indispensable position in the profitability of many enterprises, on the other hand the function regularly lacks the sophisticated structures and approaches that are found in the different operational areas. Moreover, the probability to take expenses out are often grossly underestimated.

Renoir’s experience in preservation initiatives covers a multitude of industries and regions. From the preservation and engineering departments of oil refineries, to the fixed and cell renovation areas of mining operations, through to the constructing maintenance departments of hospitals, we have built up a big wealth of journey and expertise. We understand, and greater importantly will ensure that your people understand, how to boost predictive and preventative preservation programmes through corrective preservation planning, backlog management, standards setting and root reason analysis on each major faults as well as reoccurring problems.

Our intention is to make certain that the department has the tools, systems, processes, behaviours and robust collaboration with different departments, so that downtime is minimised, backlog decreased and reoccurring issues addressed. As with all Renoir projects, our center of attention is to work with your team of workers to discover the issues and their have an impact on on the business, develop the solutions in collaboration, and then put in force these solutions.