Sales & Marketing

We’ve been involved in income and marketing productiveness tasks on the grounds that our beginning, over twenty years ago. We discovered that the methodologies we at the start developed for manufacturing environments virtually had strong applicability to the forecasting, goal setting, and manipulate of income teams. We proved that it feasible to supply robust systems and processes to improve all aspects of the Sales & Marketing sphere.

Our initiatives have assisted some of the world’s leading companies, and we’ve large trip in improving each the quantity and great of the interactions of our clients’ income humans with their clients - in person, phone and/or internet. We improve a administration manipulate device round our client’s income force, along with fantastic forecasting mechanisms; short, medium and longer vary planning; and man or woman salesperson target setting.

Reporting structures are adjusted as vital to facilitate reliable trend identification – both the marketplace and your very own people. Best practices are identified and used to teach and recruit sales humans and we also put in area the structures and tactics to make sure the on-going communication between the sales feature and other departments (for example: manufacturing, grant chain / distribution and marketing).

We have worked with customers in advertising at a macro level (defining advertising and marketing programmes) and at a micro stage (eg. usage of factor of sale material).

As with all Renoir projects, our center of attention is in taking your human beings on a journey: to pick out the areas of chance and develop the solutions to obtain them. This ensures that they purchase in to the modifications required so the enterprise reaps the benefits in phrases of improved market penetration, larger insurance and, ultimately, greater sales.